The Little Franciscans of Mary
Museum and Heritage Space
Welcoming you : the soul of our history

Parallel Activities

Robin & Gisèle, Harpists

October 14th 2017 

The Little Franciscans of Mary Museum and Heritage Space ended its 10th year of operations by inviting the public to a concert of Celtic and South-American harps held in the Sacred Heart chapel of the Mother House. The musicians were Mr. Robin Grenon and Mrs Gisèle Guibord. The program included pieces from Ireland and Paraguay along with extracts of the Suite mariale and the Suite Franciscaine, both composed by Mr. Grenon.

Spring Beauties

June 3rd 2017 

The Little Franciscans of Mary Museum and Heritage Space celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017. To begin the season, we invited you to a conference on gardens. The speakers were Mrs. Malaka Ackaoui, designer of the Garden of Francis and Mr. Martin Roberge, motivator and co-owner of Fertisol Plus. They shared their experiences on the art of modeling nature, their love of gardens and the benefits they gain from them.

Sur les traces de François [In the Footsteps of Francis]

October 25 2015
Held late fall, on the last day of the season, this lecture featured sites the patron saint of the Little Franciscans, Francis of Assisi, held dear to his heart. Participants learned more about the life of this man from the Middle Ages while discovering a number of Italian heritage sites.

Un Scriptorium en musique [A Scriptorium in Music]

May 3 2015
An audience of 200 gathered in the Little Franciscans Mother House Chapel to listen to vocalists Les Neumes from Québec City. The concert was an occasion to (re)acquaint oneself with Gregorian chant and its traditions. Inspired by France’s great monasteries, works by visual artist Normand Moffat were also on display in the Chapel entrance.