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Previous Exhibitions

Keepers of Treasures

Curator: Johanne Vigneault

June 16th to October 15th, 2017

Through the various daily tasks to accomplish and the difficulties encountered, the Little Franciscans of Mary surrounded themselves with moments and spaces of joy and beauty. Joy being one of the Franciscan values, the congregation’s members lived among artworks from different cultures and fields (fine arts, crafts, theatre, music). The nuns also taught some of these disciplines and created artworks. This is their love of beauty that the exhibition shared with the visitors.

A Legacy of Values

Curator: Johanne Vigneault

June 10th to October 16th, 2016


In 2015, Saint Francis of Assisi was selected as the theme of our new temporary exhibition. The selected approach was one steeped in Franciscan values, and regrouped into four pairs: Simplicity & Humility, Sharing & Respect, Love & Peace along with Joy & Brotherhood. Because these values are still current, they are illustrated with relevant artefacts that do not necessarily claim to be antique. Among those, an album published by Marvel Comics in 1980 on the life of Francis of Assisi. The exhibition also presented musical instruments, artefacts from the medical field and objects from various beliefs. We are very grateful to the Musée de Charlevoix as well as private parties who accepted to loan some artefacts for this exhibition.


Madagascar : Voyage sur l’île heureuse [Voyage to the Island of Happiness]

Curator: Mrs Jeanne d’Arc Brochu in collaboration with Sr Émilienne Boivin
August 6th 2011 ‒ April 19th 2015 

This exhibition acquainted visitors with the Little Franciscans of Mary mission conducted for over 40 years in Madagascar. Both exotic and unique, the country brims with treasures both large and small.

Visitors were offered an opportunity to plunge into a colourful, joyful setting to explore exceptional fauna and flora, the country’s rich culture and countless hand-crafted artisan products.

The exhibition included a number of artefacts fashioned by Madagascans (basketry, sculptures, musical instruments), numerous objects evoking their lifestyle and daily life (clothing, toys, spices) as well as other relevant island items (fossils, minerals, seashells). From embroidery to music and outdoor markets to fragrances, all Madagascar’s secrets were shared with us!

Reverend Father Ambroise-Martial Fafard

Curator: Mrs Jeanne d’Arc Brochu in collaboration with Sr Émilienne Boivin
June 28th 2008 ‒ March 1st 2011 

This exhibition illustrated the journey of Curé Ambroise-Martial Fafard to whom is owed the arrival of the Little Franciscans of Mary in Baie-Saint-Paul. A determined, learned individual, he was not only a support figure among his parishioners but also a visionary and entrepreneur.

Visitors were offered an overview of this man’s life, from his birth in l’Islet in 1840 to his death in Baie-Saint-Paul, in August 1899. It included his achievements as a parish priest in both Inverness and Chicoutimi, his trip to Europe and his meeting with the Pope. As the founder of St. Anne Hospice in Baie‑Saint-Paul, he initiated countless municipal services and amenities for town residents.

The exhibition presented archival documents (travel logs, letters), furnishings (sideboard, bed, secretary desk), personal objects (seal, inkwell, medals bar, calling cards) as well as dishes and a symphonion or ancient music box. A testimonial to the Victorian era, the artefacts revealed his lifestyle as well as his accomplishments.