The Little Franciscans of Mary
Museum and Heritage Space
Welcoming you : the soul of our history

Temporary Exhibition

In 2015, Saint Francis of Assisi was selected as the theme of our new temporary exhibition. The selected approach was one steeped in Franciscan values, and regrouped into four pairs. Because these values are still current, they are illustrated with relevant artefacts that do not necessarily claim to be antique. Some objects were acquired on loan by project partners le Musée de Charlevoix as well as private parties. We are very grateful to them, and invite you to discover a man who marked the Middle Ages.

A Legacy of Values

The Exhibition is about the human legacy bequeathed to us by St. Francis.

Simplicity & Humility
Wishing to live in the image of Christ born in a manger, Francis of Assisi espoused a life of poverty, affirming that possessions lie at the heart of human conflict.

Sharing & Respect
By sharing his talent and time, he offered the gift of his person and turned his soul to others. 

Love & Peace
Convinced that communication and reason were a stronger defence than weapons, he joined the fifth crusade in view of ending the confrontation, and sparing human lives. 

Joy & Brotherhood
For Francis, everything that surrounds us, inhabits or occupies the planet is God’s creation. It makes them therefore worthy of the respect and consideration of mankind. 

This exhibition is presented until October 16 2016.