The Little Franciscans of Mary
Museum and Heritage Space
Welcoming you : the soul of our history

Mission and values


The following values serve to guide the Little Franciscans of Mary Museum and Heritage Space in all its actions:

Access: It pledges to remain accessible to visitors and collaborators in terms of the number of days and hours it remains open, as well as in terms of open-mindedness and communication.

Integrity in regard to values: It pledges to respect the values as held by the Little Franciscans of Mary, at all times and in their entirety.

Honesty: It pledges to respect all applicable regulations, laws, by-laws and standards at all times, in complete honesty.

Collaboration: It pledges to uphold a spirit of active collaboration among employees, colleagues, the public and any partners it is involved with.

Respect: From a work perspective and in regard to other individuals, places and the collection, it pledges to uphold a spirit of utmost respect.

Sharing: It pledges to offer equal opportunity to all types of individuals from all age groups whenever possible, so they may become involved and share in the success of Museum projects, and in the recognition of its merits.




The Little Franciscans of Mary Museum and Heritage Space works in the aim of sharing, appreciating and promoting (mainly from a socio-ethnological perspective) the Congregation’s history and that of its founders, across time and territories, as well as the different work and activities they conduct.

The Museum and Heritage Space prioritizes the enrichment of its collection; the development of temporary and permanent exhibitions that showcase its heritage, as well as of educational programs and cultural events focused on sharing it with different audiences, from a variety of backgrounds.




The mandate of the Little Franciscans of Mary’s Museum and Heritage Space is to preserve the Congregation’s material and immaterial memory by sharing its history with visitors, by becoming involved and transmitting its Franciscan values.

Furthermore, the Museum and Heritage Space intends to fully participate in the development of an identity that is specific to the City of Baie-Saint-Paul, one that is common to all and shared by all citizens. Lastly, it must encourage a better understanding of the religious experience.